Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goodbye and thank you

Saturday or Sunday or whatever day comes six days after finals day. 

It's all over for now for the Colony boys. After a grand year of effort we have completed our World Club Championships 2014 campaign. It is the end of the road for some of our players, and it marks the beginning of a road for some of our hopeful new players. For the club, I guess it is some sort of middle - the end of the beginning perhaps. Colony formed in 2010 and has achieved success at the National Championships and now success of sorts at two World Clubs. 

What happens now will be interesting to see, more of the same or a revamp and shift in direction. The current status quo obviously generates some good play and some quality learning opportunities for new players in Sydney, there is much to be proud of. 

The questions of "is it good enough?" and "how do we bridge the gap above us?" will be asked, and the answers will be interesting for Colony and for Australian Ultimate in general. 

For the men who worked through this year with the team; took the momentum from Nationals 2013, trained on, then travelled to Kiamana for a historic win. Battled through the 2014 season and then kept on training, when it got cold and dark, kept on training. Journeyed to Europe and forged and bonded. Then played in Lecco and demonstrated that we were a cut above 'the rest'. For these men there is pride and satisfaction. 

These is of course a gnawing feeling of discomfort, a niggle of disappointment. It is probably a mix of these feelings, pride, doubt, joy, ambition and optimism that will bring many of us back. It is this universal collection of experiences that bring all players to the game at a high standard. 

This is the journey of anyone who has found a goal to pursue and has marshalled their resources and their courage to go out and chase. We share this journey will everyone who has followed along with this blog. The team has felt the presence of our friends, family and followers on our adventure and we say thank you. Thank you for reading and thank you for adding value to our adventure and pursuit of a goal. 

Enough of the Colony for now, foreign lands and new adventure abound. We'll see you out there sometime. 

Danke richtig. 

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