Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy, sad, massive feelings.

The on field portion of our adventure is over. We played eight good games, one complete dog and finished fourth. 

There is both satisfaction, disappointment and motivation in this result for is. We played some excellent frisbee and there were moments of a golden hope. I think Australian ultimate can be proud and optimistic based on the performance of this Colony team. 

We failed horribly in our semi final against Seattle's Sockeye. It was one of the poorest performances I've been a part of at this level. Imagine rank, then double it. 

Seattle played great and they should be proud of their return to the final. 

It took some doing however the true leaders in our team, the men with big hearts and strong wills got is back up to play again. 

Our play off for third was against Jonny Bravo from Colorado. These guys were good at frisbee too, who isn't at the business end of the tournament. 

We played with passion and confidence, there were some fairly sweet hangers. Our offense however couldn't achieve the extremely high level required to score every single point, and the D while tenacious didn't quite get us out of it this time. 

The final score was 17 to 14 or so. Are fair return really. We were close but not close enough. 

The mood right now is good, we did good. We think next time we will do better. The mood right now is also fairly boozy, I get the sense the boys are going to send it tonight. 

We'll have some wrap up posts coming, it has been a great event for us. Thanks for the support readers. Love to you and, "to Gus' room for the pre party."

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