Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Men in the mountains

Wednesday 30th of July

What does it all mean people? You take a bunch of guys and put them in a shack in the mountains, then things start happening that maybe wouldn't have otherwise. Its like there is some kind of up the mountain sub sense that rises. It surfaces through layers of civilisation and conditioning, the patterns of society seem to slide away. Next thing you know you are taking a photo of eight guys with their clothes off poised at a cliff face at 2600m in the Swiss alps. 

What a strange thing, standing naked and looking south towards Italy. Right? Pretty strange hey, and yet today on a peak at the half way point of our five hour walk, the boys were blasting some energy down into the peninsular and the photo made a lot of sense. Mountains. 

There has been some spectacular meal work up here in the hills as well. A commercial sized pasta dinner in two cartoon sized pots, gourmet adjacent breakfast and some local themed stinky cheese fondu tonight. It has been some mountain style eating. The drinking you can imagine yourself. 

It might be about spending a week with a team of mates, it might be about the absence of the majority of broad life responsibility, and it might be about being up a big cloudy mountain. Regardless of the reason, it has been a fairly quality sojourn away from frisbee and our standard lives. Colony went to the mountain and tomorrow we will ride down into Italy like the wild mountain tribe we may have become. 

Strange things up on top of this part of the world, strange things and great times with the team. When on earth would this Sacha guy hike for five hours up this mountain wearing these shoes? 


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