Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday night 26th, July

Here is a quick recap of day one before I fall into the sweet embrace of sleep. It has been a fairly sharp welcome to Europe as most of the team virtually walked off the plane and straight into two games.

For Tulett and Dousett I think it could almost be described as literally. Tom ran from the car after getting off a train that carried Ollie and he from the plane. He was in time for the first warm up, impressive.

We played two games today, first against some plucky Germans in team Heidees. These guys were fired right up and managed to stay tight and then return a break to take the game to double game point, 16 all. What is the deal with games to 17 at worlds? Long games hey.

Anyway we started on O and worked it around for a bit before Tulett pulled the trigger on a spectator and we won our first game. The result was pleasing however the learning, refining and general preparing was the real point of value.

The second game was against the Flying Angels of Bern. It also started pretty tight before the D team got a good hold and found some systems to turn up the pressure. The final score got out to something like 17 to 8. It was a pretty good effort.

Big Tommy from North Carolina had a strong first day with the team, and it was very good to have Mark back in the Colony again. Pretty good contributors across the team today, and tonight as the fatigue and refreshments take hold I think most of the boys can drift off feeling pretty happy about their day and about being here with the team.

Back at it tomorrow with some more Swiss and some more Germans to play. Feels pretty good.

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