Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday 26th July, Frankfurt

"It alternates between bumper to bumper and 170km/h on the autobahn... " Joel Pillar, team captain.

And isn't that just one of life's truths? The bulk of the Colony team met in Frankfurt yesterday. For the most part the day was like a pleasant drive on the Autobahn, cruising at European highway speed as we collected ourselves together throughout the day.

However much like Joel twelve hour drive from Milano to meet the team with a van, there were plenty of dead still, bumper to bumper moments. Here are some of the minor calamitous moments:

British airways fails to deliver Sacha's bags and box of team hoodies to the continent.
The end of school term Friday afternoon traffic added multiple hours to the eta of Joel and Gus with the team vans.
Joel arrived in Germany with the team shorts, Mark arrived with team hats, however no one arrived with the team shirts.
Abra lost his important bag with lap top, personal delicates, etc. He then found it under the next bench in the pub.
Finally and most significantly, Tom 'Cupcake' Tulett and Ollie 'O.D. Overdose' Dousset found themselves stranded in London through some combination extremely cheep flight purchasing and peak summer travel chaos.

These were the bumper to bumper grid lock moments of the day, however there was plenty of 170km an hour sections. Walking in the sun down by the river. German beer for lunch, life changing schnitzel for dinner, Sacha has been talking these up since 2004.

There was plenty of laughs and good times and through the good work of Sacha, Joel and Ollie Jung pretty much everything got sorted out. We'll see if those clowns make it over from London this morning.

Today we play. The Bad Skid boys from Heilbronn are hosting a tournament and we are getting pretty pumped to play. That is it from the Colony in Europe for now. Plenty more to com, to the Autobahn!

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